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“Scientific conferences should educate and inspire. With a critical medical issue like HIV eradication, fostering a dialogue between researchers and clinicians is key. That is where I foresee this meeting excelling as it emphasizes the importance of including basic biologists in clinical work. This knowledge exchange is vital as we work towards a cure for HIV.”
Robert SilicianoJohns Hopkins University, USA

“The idea of translational research is important and few meetings serve this area. Having two top journals join forces to share knowledge from their clinical and scientific communities can only help foster this goal. It will be exciting to be part of the discussion.”
Myron S. Cohen, University of North Carolina, USA

“Recent breakthroughs and developments in the field of HIV call for a meeting such as this to unpack the implications for society at large. Asking the question “what will it take to achieve an AIDS-free world?” is more pertinent than ever.”
Andrew Phillips, University College London, London, UK

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Journal - The Lancet
Journal - Cell


Timothy Ray Brown
World AIDS Institute