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Emilie MARCUS, CEO of Cell Press and Editor of Cell, USA

Emilie MARCUSAs CEO of Cell Press, Emilie Marcus manages Cell Press’s expanded portfolio of journals, conferences, and online tools for biomedical researchers. She has also launched creative new initiatives such as Cell Reports, the first “author-pays”, open access Cell Press title.

As the Editor of Cell, Emilie is charged with crafting an editorial vision for one of the world’s leading biomedical research journals. She came to the position in 2003 after a successful graduate and postdoctoral research career, first at Yale University where she received her PhD and then at the Salk Institute, and with 5 years of editorial experience at the journal Neuron. Under her direction, in 2005 Cell Press adopted a 12 month open archive policy for all published journal content. She is also responsible for launching a new section in Cell called Leading Edge which provides a forum for discussion and debate on global policy issues. She has pioneered a new format for the presentation of scientific papers online called the “Article of the Future” which takes advantage of the opportunities of the web to break free from the linear structure of the printed article. She is also responsible for determining the scientific direction for Cell and for directing a team of editors in evaluating submitted manuscripts, overseeing peer-review and making publication decisions.  In addition to her scientific and editorial skills, Emilie has also contributed significantly to debates on general issues currently facing scientific publishing, including questions about the value and robustness of the peer-review process, handling potential conflicts of interest for authors, reviewers and editors, scientific misconduct and data manipulation, the impact of new information technologies (blogs, wikis and data and text-mining capabilities), new publishing business models, and the uses and abuses of impact factor as a measure of journal quality. 






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